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I'm a 40+ straight male with various tastes in women. I usually prefer redheads but not all or all the time.

Pedophilia is not one of my tastes and is not acceptable in any form, if anything gets posted, it is by accident, let me know, and I will remove it at once.
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"In Harmony With Nature" by John Herm


Nipple tease

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Going through Chakrasana.

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Orange light.

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NN outtakes 3 & 4 (these are the last photos from this session, I swear)

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I can carry your weight


My lovely Lioness,

After a whole summer where the time has been standing annoyingly still, suddenly everything is happening at once. We had given up the idea of moving, or at least come to peace with the thought of staying in this apartment for the rest of the school year. But yesterday, after his first day back at the art school, my love came home with news about an apartment that we can move in to right away. So now it’s time to start packing again!

I also found out last week that I got in on the class in creative writing I had applied for, which I had also  given up hope on. On top of that, I have two photo sessions (with “real” photographers) planned, and my love has a bunch of gigs with his band. I don’t know if we’ve ever been this busy xD

My back is stiff from our uneventful summer, and my eyes are droopy from lack of sleep. But our abruptly busy schedule has given me energy. I just need a stretch, a short moment in front of TV before I get out of bed. A cup of tea and a cigarette. Then I’m gonna get this party started, and I’m gonna rock it.

xx The Fox

You are, indeed, going to rock it! Everything sounds like it’s headed in a really healthy direction and i’m so glad for you and your Love. Remember to seek a little balance in that beautiful head of yours.

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Best outfit for most stuff