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I'm a 40+ straight male with various tastes in women. I usually prefer redheads but not all or all the time.

Pedophilia is not one of my tastes and is not acceptable in any form, if anything gets posted, it is by accident, let me know, and I will remove it at once.
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July Suicide

Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll 

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July Suicide


KissOff asked for some red headed beauties and we don’t like to disappoint… 


There have been some outstanding photo sets on suicidegirls (@SuicideGirls) lately and one of the latest is of Suicide Girl July.  Shot by the same photographer, TheLabRat, that shot Bueller’s amazing photo set, it really does showcase July’s all natural beauty.  The simple uncluttered background and light walls of the bedroom allow July’s lovely pale skin and red hair to stand out. There’s nothing to distract from her long, slender, yet curvy figure.  Most of all, I love how there are many different attitudes captured in this set - bubbly, coy, devilish, demure…  Varied yet extraordinarily sexy all.  Surely this one doesn’t take long to go front page.  The photos above are from July’s Member Review set “Unauthorized” at the Suicide Girls website.  Go give it some love.


July, “Unauthorized”; SuicideGirls

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July Suicide


July Suicide.


July Suicide.

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